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Never miss your baby’s milestones by using digitalized milestone cards. Instead of using old-fashioned photo filters, stickers or frames on your baby’s photos, we bring Augmented Reality to milestone cards. Now, our app enables you to place beautiful virtual cards next to your baby. The carefully designed cards are automatically personalized for your baby. Thanks to built-in notifications, you will never miss important milestones of your little one!

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Andreas is the father of a toddler and a small child. He is also the technical brain behind the app. He loves innovative technologies and is an expert in virtual- and augmented reality. At a recent blockchain hackathon, he met Ivan who is a game designer at heart. Together, they managed to scored first place in the contest.

They decided to join the “Division by Heroes” with their friend Patrick for this project. Patrick is an experienced project manager and creative director with a fable for mixed reality, who recently became a father for the second time. The trio decided to create a state of the art photography app that helps parents share and celebrate their beloved infant’s little achievements in a beautiful way. They still needed someone to manage their social media and PR, so they welcomed Kevin into the team.

The Story

However, the real story comes now: Two years ago when Ivan turned thirty, he discovered how much he wants to become a father himself. His discovery was paired with the realization that he is heading toward involuntary childlessness if he does not start preparing now. Ivan told us: “People who depend upon surrogacy must pay upfront a respectable sum of money. The cost of surrogacy equals the total cost of raising a child for eight years.” Making a baby costs at least 80.000 USD, and that's a sum that he cannot secure with a normal salary.

The four tech entrepreneurs plan to bring an innovative baby photo app to the market. Their hard work will pay off if they made enough money to create the app and help Ivan and his partner afford their way into fatherhood.

Everyone has their challenges and their dreams in life. This team is convinced that they have an innovative app that brings joy and value to your family, but also helps them realize their dreams and overcome their challenges.

Status of the project

The working prototype of the app with the core functionalities is ready. Moreover, Kenjie has also finished most of the card designs. You can check out some of the sweet cards, as well as read the blog on baby photo tips on the following social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr (links below). The prototype still lacks more sophisticated 3D models, as well as the in-app shop and final polishing for which we need your help. Patrick is excited about the gadget: “Playing with both cutting edge technology and my newborn at the same time is a dream come true.” Being a software architect, Andreas sees a practical use of the app “I want to track my toddler’s little achievements and ideally fund Ivan’s baby.” Kevin believes “this app is special because there are no shipping costs or no paper waste on printouts. So every new parent can enjoy using augmented reality in their lives to create memorable photos.” Ivan is grateful for the help of his friends. He is involved with designing the User Experience in the app. Ivan: “I know that this campaign is just a baby step to becoming a father, but I would be glad to inspire others as well. Please, send me your thoughts about it!”



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Selected Quotes

  • ""We want to create our own baby app and ideally fund Ivan’s baby.""
    - Andreas,
  • ""Playing with cutting edge technology and my newborn at the same time is a dream come true.""
    - Patrick, This Page Is Visited By 12 Visitors A Month
  • ""I don’t think my baby should solely be financed with this app but it is a good start.""
    - Ivan,
  • ""I wish I had this app when I got my baby. I always forgot where I put my physical milestone cards!""
    - Dana, tech-savvy mother,

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About Division by Heroes

The objective of the company is to develop games, apps and web experiences using AR and VR technology.

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Augmented Reality Baby Milestones Cards Credits

Patrick Malicek
Project Manager, Sales

Andreas Braumann

Ivan Davidov
Creative Director

Kevin Götz
Social Media and PR

Kenjie Cuarto
Graphics Designer

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